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FrostFrosted Plastic Is Plastic Which Has Been Rendered Opaque Through A Process Which Roughens Or Obscures The Clear Surface Of The Class. 

Vacuum MetallizingVacuum Metallizing Involves Heating The Coating Metal To Its Boiling Point In A Vacuum Chamber, Then Letting Condensation Deposit The Metal On The Substrate=S Surface. Plastic Applied Can Be Very Shiny Or Flattened To A Matte Finish. 

Color Paint Or CoatOne Kind Of Surface Treatment, To Make The Plastic Surface Into Different Colours Or Different Feels. 

Pantone Matching System (PMS)A Popular Color Matching System Used By The Printing Industry To Print Spot Colors. Most Applications That Support Color Printing Allow You To Specify Colors By Indicating The Pantone Name Or Number. This Assures That You Get The Right Color When The File Is Printed, Even Though The Color May Not Look Right When Displayed On Your Monitor.


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