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Queens Packaging Co.,Ltd has 20Years Experience In Cosmetic Packaging And Moulding Industry.

As One Of The Reliable Leading Manufacturers Specializing In Plastic Packaging Products Such As Jars, Lotion Bottles, Airless Bottles, Pots, Compacts, Pens And Lipstick, Lipgloss, Eyeshadow And Mascara, Eyeliner Containers, We Have A Professional Maketing And Sales Branch In Shanghai China For Fulfiling Customers Different Requirements And Offer 24hours Nonstop Service.


in the year 2012 we launched a brand new cosmetic pen line, products including , Eyeliner Pen, , , ,  and Pens for other use (like dental etc。) for further instructions, please visit our another website for pens: 。

Our Professional Experience Is Well Founded In Years Of Service In The Packaging Industry In Both Manufacturing And Distribution. Our Customers Regularly Rely Upon Our Experience And Are Confident In Our Ability To Provide Reliable Packaging Advice And Innovative Packaging Solutions At Very Competitive Prices. 

R & D Is Crucial To Us. We Have Developed State-Of-Art Precise And Normative Technologies To Ensure The Quality Of Our Products Which Have Been Certificated By ISO9001. Our Creative Researchers Also Do A Fantastic Job To Design More And More New Delicate Products. Our Products Can Satisfy Your Demands Of Cosmetic Packaging, With Fashion And Quality.

HONESTY & TRUST Is Our Basic Principle。 
KNIGHT SERVICE Is Our Eternal Tenet。 

Please Call Our Customer Service If You Have Any Questions
0086 159 2180 6677 ( 24 Hours)


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